We caught up with Mark Edworthy, founder of Thrive Hubs, ahead of the Scottish and British Golf Open to find out why he is so super proud to have pro-golfer, David Howell as a brand ambassador.

“We are thrilled to have David as our brand ambassador for a number of reasons. Not only has he proved time and time again to be a brilliant client facing person, constantly impressing people with how insightful he is about the world of golf and business, he is also an impressive individual in terms of the determination, skill and focus he displays.

Watching his journey over the past two years has been an inspirational and rewarding experience and the whole Thrive team have enjoyed celebrating David’s successes which have included three second places this year.

His form has returned with a vengeance and we are really excited about his prospects in both the Scottish Open and British Open.

The prospect of watching David perform at the British Open at St Andrews is particularly exciting as he won on this course in 2013. The Thrive community are all really behind David and we look forward to seeing how both the Scottish and British Open unfold.”

The 4 day tournaments begin in full swing at the Scottish Open on Thursday 9th July, keep up to date with the latest updates on David via our twitter channel @ThriveHubs.